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October 7, 2009 / Jenny Ann Fraser

And So…It Begins

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds…

-Albert Einstein

After a dismal summer spent looking for, and not finding any work, I was offered what I thought would be my dream job, but at a salary that wouldn’t cover my basic living expenses.

I’ve been working as a costumer in theatre, dance, and film for the past 14 years, as well as dressmaking to supplement my income when things get slow, but the recession, and cuts to art’s funding have made it increasingly difficult to earn a living, and as I approached my 40th birthday, it had become painfully obvious that I cannot continue losing income every year.

According to many well-meaning friends and family members, the problem is that I have unreasonably high expectations when it comes to choosing jobs. I would like to get paid a fair wage to do work that interests and challenges me while contributing something positive to the world. My experience trying to find even temporary work this summer suggested that they might be right.

However, I cannot accept the idea of spending the rest of my days doing boring, repetetive, non-creative tasks for a poverty level wage. Is this really the most I can expect from life?

So, instead of falling into that ever-familiar pit of despair, I decided once and for all to state my intention to live a better life.

A dear friend who works in the same industry, and is therefore in the same boat, had been trying for weeks to convince me to start my own business, but at first I wasn’t interested.

Over the many years we have worked together, we have spent many hours discussing things we’d like to make if we ever got some free time, and now seems to be the time to put some of our ideas into action.

She introduced me to the world of online buying and selling and as I investigate further, the evidence suggests that this is for me, and now is the time.

I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and that The Universe is constantly trying to steer us in the direction we were born to take, the trick is, to learn how to listen, and follow the right path. I think sometimes, The Universe hits us over the head when we’re not listening to get our attention. Nearly 3 months of struggling to pay rent and buy food was enough for me to finally understand that what I’m doing is not working!

So, this is it. I begin the new journey of creating JAF Bags and Cases.

Between my seasonal full time job as the Head Of Wardrobe at a theatre, and two part-time jobs which I’ve had to take to cover my living expenses when I am layed off for several short periods between now and next spring, I’m starting a business.

I’ve decided to focus my attention totally on opportunities, not obstacles.



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  1. Fjola Sprague-Cole / Feb 25 2010 4:59 am

    I love it! I’m looking forward to reading your blog Jenny! I’m also looking forward to seeing your creations online! The Universe conspires to make our dreams come true when we are honest about what our dreams really are….good luck!!!

    much love and light to you sister!


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