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June 10, 2010 / Jenny Ann Fraser

21.5.800: And What’s so great about Twitter!

On Monday, I was hanging around on Twitter, (which I’m slightly worried is becoming a bit of an addiction, if you can have a bit of an addiction) and I came across Bindu Wiles Blog, and her new project 21.5.800.

Which is, in a nutshell;

For 21 days, we’ll be doing 5 days of yoga a week and 800 words of writing per day.

It was the day before Day 1 and I was person #195 to sign up.

I haven’t posted anything in a whole week, although I’ve been writing… The problem is, I haven’t written anything that waspost-able”.

This is not a case of Dexter My Inner Critic gaining a foothold on my brain.  I just can’t seem to come up with any ideas that have a beginning a middle and an end. I have some beginnings, some middles, maybe some ends I really can’t figure this out.  It has happened before, so I wasn’t particularly worried. Bindu’s project seemed like the answer I was looking for.

I’ve been putting some effort lately into getting back to my meditation routine. Though I would definitely not call what I’m doing a routine, I’m doing it. Almost more often than not…

So…“Yay Me!”

I’ve been working at accepting what is, which in this case would be that I’m accepting that 10 or 15 minutes of meditation now feels like torture when I could easily and happily do 30 minutes or more just a few months ago.

I’m out of practice.

Adding yoga into my life right now seems like a brilliant idea.  I’ve been missing that for more than a year. I can’t think of a better way to get my writing to move forward.

So, Twitter is all abuzz with #21.5.800 with and as of 5 minutes ago when I checked, 408 participants. The energy is amazing!

I haven’t posted anything.

I wrote 300 or so words yesterday. They’ll probably end up in some future blog post, but nothing yet.

And while I’ve barely participated in the actual challenge so far, tomorrow is another day. I’m writing now. What matters is how blown away I am by the support that is being shared over this project! The camaraderie, the mutual encouragement and the kind words that are being tweeted by and towards the members of this group is truly beautiful.

Quite frankly, my whole blogging, tweeting, re-discovering the internet experience has been truly beautiful! I cannot remember ever, in my entire life feeling so supported. And I grew up with the most supportive parents ever.

I’m not lacking in emotional support in my real life. I don’t have a partner or children, and I spend a probably higher than average percent of my time alone. But I have friends and family, all amazing people who I know I can count on to lift me when I need a lift.

The thing is that the internet allows us to easily connect with like-minded people who have clearly defined interests. The conversations easily revolve around those interests, which makes the relationship easy. That makes it easy for us to support each other in our shared dreams and goals.  And that support matters. I’m only as I write this, just beginning to understand how much it matters.

Support is support.  We all need it, want it, crave it. It helps us to grow. It helps us to achieve, and I would imagine that it is what we need to become the people we were meant to be. I think that is the most important thing we can ever do with our lives.

Become the people we were meant to be. It almost makes me sad that I believe that it is the only way we are going to save this world.

We need to become our best selves.

We need to learn to follow our hearts and believe what they tell us. We need to write when we feel the urge to write. Sing when we feel the urge to sing. We need to dance. We need to contribute what we came here to contribute, to the best of our abilities.

It doesn’t matter if we’re struggling with all of the issues that all of us struggle with. It doesn’t matter that my apartment is still far from as tidy as I want it to be. It doesn’t matter that I’m still single, or that I’m worried about finding work right now. We don’t have to be perfect before we speak.

If we wait for that, we never will.  And that isn’t good enough anymore.

We all have voices. And each of us who silently suspects that we have something to say, has something to say.

So let’s support each other. Let’s make a greater effort to support everyone we meet in all parts of our lives when we have the chance. We can support our co-workers, our family members, the people we meet on the street regardless of where they come from or who we think they are. Let’s tweet our brains out and ignore the people who tell us that Twitter is just a waste of time.  Let’s write our blogs, and share the things that are important to us on Facebook. Let’s all commit to being our best selves and not give up when we fail. Lets contribute what we came here to contribute in even the smallest way if that is all we can manage right now.

The point is to be ourselves, so let’s be that. Let’s do what we can, in this moment, to contribute what we have within ourselves to contribute. Let’s do what we can with all of the wonderful tools we have at our disposal, so that we can do our best to create a better world.

Thank you Bindu Wiles.




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  1. Emily Jane / Jun 10 2010 9:24 am

    I ADORE this post. And I’m so impressed you signed up for this. More writing and more (read: starting) yoga are big goals I want to tackle on my 26 before 26 list (starting in 2 weeks! Eep!). We should go try hot yoga sometime together! 🙂 I love how you ended this post, too – incredibly inspiring, and so very true 🙂

    • jennyannfraser / Jun 10 2010 10:06 am

      Thanks so much Emily! I would love to do some hot yoga right now as we seem to be a little low on heat here these days, lol! I love the idea of 26 before 26! I’ll have to wait for my next birthday for that goal as I’d have a few more than 26 things to do and it’s only a few months away.

  2. Lasara / Jun 10 2010 12:56 pm


    I’ve been creating towards adding sitting meditation back into my practice, and your words may be just the encouragement I need. Thanks!

    Thanks also for the comment on my blog. 🙂

  3. tobeme / Jun 10 2010 4:55 pm

    This is a wonderful exercise and you are an inspiration to yourself and all of us. Thanks for sharing.

  4. francina / Jun 11 2010 2:29 am

    Your post is really beautiful. I am really amazed by the sense of community that projects like this can create, even if we are thousands of miles apart.
    Can’t wait to read more!

    • jennyannfraser / Jun 11 2010 8:33 am

      Yes, it is truly amazing how much community there is. The internet has made geography an irrelivant in so many ways. I love it! Thanks so much for reading!

  5. Chris Edgar / Jun 13 2010 10:45 am

    Hi Jenny — thanks for this share — I get that this was vulnerable to say! It sounds like meditation is an intense experience for you! I wonder what would happen if you tried getting really familiar with the sensations that come up when you’re meditating — I know that when I get really curious about the feelings that are coming up, my defensiveness against them tends to fade away.

    • jennyannfraser / Jun 14 2010 8:18 am

      Thank you Chris. I will try that. I have had experiences in the past where a lot of negative emotion comes up for me, but not for some time. I will however pay close attention and see what happens. Thanks for the advice!

  6. Viv / Jun 13 2010 11:23 am

    I’m with you on this.
    but….confession time: I don’t understand Twitter. I don’t understand how to use it, what to do with it or how people can use it. I guess its sheer lack of smarts on my part that after about 18 mohts, I still don’t know what I am doing.
    Blogging I am getting the hang of, but the micro blogging with Twitter, nope.
    and while I think yoga is a brilliant thing, I’d never be allowed in a proper classs because of my double joints being a risk factor.

    • jennyannfraser / Jun 14 2010 8:24 am

      Hi Viv.
      It took me FOREVER to figure out how to really use Twitter (and I read a book about it but still couldn’t get it). It seems to me that it’s so simple it’s complicated! LOL. So don’t despair.
      I have extra-mobile joints which means that unlike you my joints don’t bend in ways that they’re not supposed to… they just try to. I know though that becoming more aware of my body through yoga practice has helped me to avoid injury.
      I would check to make sure that you couldn’t do a yoga class. With a qualified instructor I bet your joints wouldn’t be a problem, and the yoga would help immensely.

      • Viv / Jun 14 2010 8:45 am

        My mother in law’s yoga instructor said she (and any reputable instructor) would NOT have me in a class because of the risk and therefore insurance issues. I don’t really fancy anything that involved joining a group and being with others. I am far too private for this. My mother was a great joiner of health/sport groups and I have always hated it with a passion.
        If it does you good, great. It wouldn’t work for me.

        • jennyannfraser / Jun 14 2010 2:12 pm

          Oh, I see. That’s too bad Viv.
          I too am not great at groups although I am infinitely better than I used to be. I actually practice yoga at home these days as classes are unfortunately not in my budget, but I know that I would not feel confident doing that if I hadn’t had some class instruction in the past.
          Luckily, meditation is still safe. No chance of injury there!
          Take care!

  7. rob white / Jun 14 2010 10:44 am

    Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for sharing this. I too marvel at the amazing amount of positive support in the internet community. The beautiful thing about the internet is that allows us to create Mastermind Alliances with people regardless of geography. Minds of feather, flock together!

    • jennyannfraser / Jun 14 2010 2:15 pm

      Thanks for commenting Rob. What you are saying is so true. We have this amazing ability to connect in ways we never have before. It gives me so much hope for the future possibilities as more and more people join in. I think that we are living in a very exciting time, with amazing potential for change and growth, if we choose to see it that way.


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