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September 14, 2010 / Jenny Ann Fraser

A Brief Extra Blog Post Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Sometimes, I obsess about climate change and I can’t get visions of drowning polar bears out of my head.

Scientists predict that these magnificent creatures will be extinct within 30 years largely due to melting ice caps.

Today however, I am slightly overwhelmed with hope.

A friend shared this on Facebook yesterday, and I am so moved that I can’t imagine others would not be too. I can’t help but to be much more confident that we will get the message and begin to turn this around.

This video has already gone viral and this is a virus that needs to be spread, so take a couple of minutes and go ahead and marvel at how advertising and selling a product can be a brilliant step in the right direction.

(I’d love to know if the video brought happy tears to your eyes too?) 🙂



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  1. Kathy Loh / Sep 14 2010 8:10 pm

    Brilliant heart-tugging add and it points to the real truth. The ice is melting and these amazing creatures may not be around much longer. I’ve heard that they are mating with the Alaskan brown bear…Nature does have a way. Everything evolves and there is this way in which we are not being responsible for our impact in that evolution. Let’s make it more conscious. Hope and taking responsibility for that hope may make it so. Thanks Jenny!

    • Jenny Ann Fraser / Sep 15 2010 9:40 am

      “Hope and taking responsibility for that hope may make it so.”
      Thank you for that!
      What moved me so about this is the fact that it moved me so. I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t move others to at least buy the car when it’s available. And what a step in the right direction that would be!
      Wow, mating with Alaskan Brown Bears. Nature is so amazing, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were all amazed enough to want to make saving it the top priority?

  2. Ollin Morales / Sep 15 2010 12:07 am

    Aww! That was sweet. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tess The Bold Life / Sep 15 2010 4:35 pm

    One of the things my dad did before he died was take his 7 daughters on an Alaskan cruise. What a fabulous gift and time we had. Thanks for sharing this…awesome and I’m smiling.

    • Jenny Ann Fraser / Sep 15 2010 5:01 pm

      Hello and welcome Tess!
      Thanks for stopping by. Ooh, Alaska. I don’t have much of a travel bug, but the one place I have to go in my life is Alaska! I have dreamed of it since I was small. Some day…

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